Ross Castle

Built in the Sixteenth Century, the tower of Ross Castle was used by Myles O'Reilly. A plaque erected in the hall of the castle reads, "This ancient castle in which the celebrated Myles O'Reilly, known as The Slasher in 1644 past the night previous to the Battle of Feinna at which he was killed, haven fallen into ruin was partly restored by his lineal descendant Anna Marie Maria Dease O'Reilly in 1864

Sunday, November 05, 2006

What happened?

Equipped with a flashlight and an open mind (and a full stomach) we were ready to explore whatever lives/lived/stays/stayed insight the walls of Ross Castle. After a guided meditation the group embarked on a tour through all rooms of the castle.
Later on the group or often smaller groups went into different rooms hoping to be able to tune into the energies surrounding the place. Some saw scenes of times gone by from children playing and singing to a woman giving birth to an old lady wasting away in bed. There were some mysterious pictures taken from "light dots" photographed in the dark (The actual picture I am referring to is to big to be uploaded here) and electromagnetic readings taken.
While most rooms felt pleasant and calm one room in particular had a more negative edge to it and there were people intimidated by faces appearing in front of their eyes and by physically being held down or pushed down while others had difficulties breathing. There was a white mist floating the room and light sparks in one of the corners of the room.
A nearly full moon added to the charm of being in the castle. It is worth noticing that the paranormal investigation was professionally staged with full control over all activities and with the clear focus to observe and feel and not to interfere on any level.


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